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How to Avoid the Scammers: 5 Signs of a Valid Shop in Dumping Business 

In the previous article we talked about the methods of revealing male online stores and finding the trustable CC shop selling dumps and pin codes. Let’s revise the next methods. 

3. Check the Cost 

If the value of goods in the online store is lower than even of the manufacturer, it should alert you. Remember one simple truth – the item price cannot be below the manufacture’s cost. The low price can be at least a fake and additional cost, and as a maximum the company is a fraud, which simply collects money for the orders and disappears.

4. Special Conditions 

If you find the following conditions of purchase on the website, consider whether to buy in this online store or not: 

5. The Purchase

Most valid shops can pay in cash to the courier during delivery, however, if the website provided payment by credit card, you can count on the help of the Bank in case of force majeure. After all, showing card CVV to the website is as safe and reliable, as payment in cash in an ordinary shop. The security of your credit card is guaranteed by special Internet Protocol HTTPS. Please note, when you go to an encrypted page or in the payment process the address of the Internet page should change from http to https and the «lock» symbol appears at the bottom or in the address bar of the browser. In any case, do not send your credit card details by email. In the case of illegal use of your credit card details online, the Bank is obliged to refund you within 30 days.

So, these are the typical features common to firms-scams on the Internet: 

In addition to certain online stores, on the Internet such trading platforms work, which unite a large number of online stores. In such sites, there are services that specifically deal with checking vendors, but also make up the ratings with useful information about the company-seller, by which you can understand whether to trust this company or not. 

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